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What sets us apart from other software suppliers is that we understand developers – Grey Matter started life as a group of developers and we completely understand the developer experience.

Our service offerings are built around the ever-evolving needs of the developer community, enabling us to offer a true, long term commitment to guide, support and help our customers choose the right tools and platform for the job. For application builders and ISV’s, we can help you get your product to market faster, with our range of services and cloud marketplace.

GMCirrus for ISV’s

The ISV Cloud Enablement Platform from Grey Matter

For over 30 years, Grey Matter have helped ISV’s with all areas of software licensing and support.

As a Microsoft Indirect and Direct CSP provider we and able to provide ISV’s and application builders with the right licensing for their needs. We have recently launched GMCirrus, our Cloud platform that will enable you to easily buy and manage Microsoft CSP products along with other Cloud applications this will allow you to focus on your customers and core business.

Our Platform is backed by our support services, licensing knowledge and dedicated account management from Grey Matter. We can provide all the above free of charge when you sign up as a Microsoft CSP partner with Grey Matter. As a Microsoft CSP partner with Grey Matter, we also make sure that you get Microsoft revenue recognition and rebates that are available to you as a Microsoft Partner.

If you require a more personalised portal, we can offer you your own Branded Marketplace through our GMCirrus+ offering. With the monthly billing that comes with Microsoft CSP licensing we are able to remove the hassle of you invoicing your customers.

Microsoft Azure

GMCirrus puts you in control of your Azure consumption with estimated usage charges, credit notifications and detailed invoices. With a smooth purchasing process and without the need to manage the countless Azure SKUs, its one less thing to worry about.

You can choose to offer your customers a great Azure purchasing experience via your custom-branded marketplace.

Office 365

GMCirrus helps you to easily manage your customers by allowing you to flex your subscriptions up and down as and when you need to.

With our Portal being connected to the Microsoft CSP we are able to manage the catalogue of SKU’s for you, saving you time whenever Microsoft make a change. Choose to setup your own-branded Marketplace for Office 365 in a matter of days.

Other products

We are using our reach into the software market to increase the products that you can sell with GMCirrus. So whether your focus is security, development or design we will be increasing your opportunities to see.

Visual Studio 2017

For any ISV or application builder, Visual Studio’s comprehensive dev tools and services make it easy to create, deploy, and manage applications on your preferred platforms and devices including Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Visual Studio 2017 includes support for mobile development, streamlines cloud development, and greatly boosts developer productivity with collaboration tools to create the perfect dev environment for your team to plan better and ship faster.

Visual Studio subscriptions are available monthly, annually, or on multi-year contracts.

Visual Studio Essential Add-On’s

Visual Studio is an extensible platform that lets you add widely used components and controls for code analysis, profiling, and refactoring, to ensure your code is clear, clean, and secure for great app execution and performance. We can help you to be more productive in the following areas:
Component Suites

ComponentOne Studio
Xceed Ultimate Suite


Telerik Test Studio
SmartBear TestComplete
Xamarin Test Cloud


Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018
JetBrains ReSharper
Telerik JustCode

Build & Deploy

Flexera InstallShield
MadCap Software Doc-to-Help
Xamarin mobile app development platform

Other development tools we offer:

Grey Matter has been an Embarcadero UK Master Reseller since 2008. We have a dedicated team who are trained by Embarcadero to ensure you receive the best licensing advice and support on all Embarcadero products.

Develop once. Deploy everywhere.

Application developers today are striving to extend business-critical applications with mobile extensions, cloud services, and IoT enhanced user experiences across a wide spectrum of industries.

Embarcadero is responding with software for building true native apps for Windows, Mac and mobile, using the same source codebase without sacrificing app quality, connectivity or performance. With native app support across all major platforms, application developers can benefit from increased productivity and innovation for ‘develop once and deploy everywhere’.

To find out more about Embarcadero, you can email our team directly.


Grey Matter are proud to be an Intel Software Elite Reseller. Intel tools help software developers build high performance applications, including parallel applications for multicore and manycore processors.

View case studies, edition comparisons, get licensing advice and more, by visiting the Grey Matter Intel Software Showcase here or emailing our Intel team directly.

Intel software tools boost capability and performance, reliability and security of applications. Developers around the world use Intel software development tools to maximise the processing power within devices, increase performance of their applications and ensure their applications work on existing and next generation IT systems.

Industry-leading tools such as Parallel Studio XE 2018, Intel Vtune Amplifier XE 2018 and Intel System Studio 2018 help to:

  • improve application performance, scalability and reliability for technical computing and enterprise developers
  • create fast, efficient embedded/device systems for mobile developers
  • deploy apps on multiple platforms using one codebase

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