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Thousands Of Businesses Trust Grey Matter To Help Them

Do you need help with licensing software for your business? Are you a project manager looking to get the most from development tools? Are you an app builder looking to scale and reach a bigger audience?

We can help with all of this, and more.

Grey Matter is here to ensure that you make the most of what’s available across a range of software and cloud technologies and solutions. We can guide you through the complexities of licensing, help find the right development solution for your next project and help you make the most of cloud technologies in order for you to grow and scale.

Rock Solid, Scalable Cloud And Hybrid Solutions

If you are looking to modernise your applications, we can help you migrate to a more scalable solution. By modernising your applications and infrastructure with us, we can help you get your application to market faster, more easily. By using our migration service, you can save time, money and hassle, so that you can use the time to focus on creating great applications.

We can support your existing IT function, acting as a consultant or you can outsource your entire project to us. Whatever the size and scale of the task, we can support you to make it happen.

Having struggled with several companies for months trying to resolve complicated migration issues, domain changes and email transfers I was finally put in touch with Grey Matter. They took time to fully analyse the issues we were having, listen to our requirements and through perseverance managed to resolve all of the issues where others had failed. My systems now work perfectly and my long-term IT support provider is selected. Thank you again Grey Matter.

Robert Miles LLB

Managing Director, Immersa Limited

Best In Class Developer Tools And Support

ISV’s And Application Makers

Do you make and sell software for hardware, cloud or virtual environments? Have you built a SaaS offer and are looking to scale? Would you like to drive up and manage your customers subscriptions online? We have been providing support for companies creating and selling their own IP for many years, and understand the business demands that you face and the technical and go to market requirements needed.

We Live And Breathe Developer Tools

Grey Matter is here to support your development project, so you can focus on what you do best – building great applications. We have all the knowledge to provide you with the right tools for the job, correctly licensed. Trust us to find the right solution.

How We Help With Licensing

Are you correctly licensed? How would you know?

Grey Matter can evaluate your current licensing and provide a free quotation to see if are on the right licensing structure. You could even save money.

Licensing can be incredibly complex but Grey Matter can provide a whole range of licensing schemes, advice and updates to help you find the best licensing solution for your needs. We are on hand to provide support on Microsoft SPLA Program, Parallels SPLA Program, ISV Royalty for On-Premise, CSP for Azure and more. We can even provide a free licensing workshop for your company. Get in touch today to get your consultancy underway.

Thank you for the excellent advice and support you provide on the licensing related questions that get sent your way. Over the last few months we’ve discovered the value in dealing with Grey Matter as a result of your support, and that of your colleagues.

Mike Burden

Criterion IT

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